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I’m a professional literary translator with years of experience working for publishers and self-published writers.


If you're here, you're probably a self-published writer. You've worked hard on your book and even harder to promote it. You've done it all by yourself and you've made it! But now that you have your own readership, you're thinking about going a step further. You want to translate your book in Italian to widen your audience, so now comes the scariest part: entrusting your work to someone else.
Finding a good translator is hard and finding the right one for your story can be even harder. I'm here to make this process a bit easier.
With my experience and my knowledge you can rest assured your book will be in good hands.

Why not an agency?
  • Direct, friendly contact: there will be no middle person between you and me, which allows for better communication and better results.
  • No commission: agency prices are higher because of commissions. Your money should be invested ONLY in the quality of the translation.
Why a professional?
  • Language proficiency, technical competence and cultural knowledge: take one of these out of the equation and the results will be disappointing at best.
  • A literary translator knows how to recognize your voice as a writer and how to recreate it in their language with all its nuances.
Why you?
  • Because I value and respect both your work and my job.
  • Because I’m an experienced literary translator and I will take good care of your book.
  •  Because I offer premium quality translations at reasonable rates.

Satisfied Clients

Working with Mariarosaria was a pleasure throughout. Even before our first collaboration, she came to us with propositions that perfectly fit our editorial line, so she understood the spirit behind Pessime Idee Edizioni right from the start. Her translations are excellent, she's a very punctual and meticulous person who doesn't leave anything to chance.
I really enjoyed working with Mariarosaria. She was great at communication and meticulous about the translation. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again!
Mariarosaria Musco offers timely and accurate translation with GREAT communication and constant updates! She's an incredible pleasure to work with! A++++
Mariarosaria was a joy to work with from start to finish. She was thorough, met the deadline we had set, and had plenty of good notes. And of course, the book was wonderfully translated and did very well at retail. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to translate their books into Italian!