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Hi, I'm Mariarosaria

I translate books for a living and here’s what you should know about me: I’m a well-organized, energetic person with a can-do attitude. I’m a thorough reader and a bit of a perfectionist, but most of all I love what I do.

The way I see it, translating books is a kind of privilege. You get to go behind the scenes, you get a very close look at how the cogs work in every story andĀ you give new voice to a writer: you allow them to connect to new readers opening up infinite possibilities.

What’s not to love about that?

Mariarosaria Musco

Passionate about what I do

Your story and your characters will be in good hands. Every nuance of your voice will get across to Italian readers.

Committed and reliable

Quality and punctuality can go hand in hand. I always meet deadlines because I set realistic ones so that quality is assured.

100% made in Italy

A translated book should sound natural to its target readers and only a native speaker like me can get the job done.

About my qualifications...


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