Get your book translated and sell it in Italy! Find out how we can bring your story to an Italian audience as if you were an Italian writer.

These are the 10 steps of our process for translating your book into Italian:

  1. Send us your book in English by email (or just a chapter with the total character count).
  2. We’ll send you a free quote and our proposed deadline for the job.
  3. If accepted, we’ll sign a translation agreement.
  4. We’ll read the entire book.
  5. It’s time to start translating it into Italian! We’ll divide the book in two and each of us will translate half of it.
  6. Our job includes meticulous research about the places, customs and things described in the text.
  7. We’ll trade the book halves; Francesca will edit Alessandra’s Italian translation and vice versa, comparing it line by line with your text to make sure we got everything perfect.
  8. We’ll print the Italian version and do the editing on paper, which is very helpful to find typos and other mistakes.
  9. We’ll print it out again for proofreading.
  10. You’ll receive your book in Italian by email, always on time and on budget!

English to Italian book translations

A translation that takes your readers to the heart of your story should not read like a translation, but like the book you would craft in Italian if you were an Italian writer.

This is precisely what we can do for you!

Books we’ve translated